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Zoga Movement Practice

Zoga Movement Practice Level 1 Workshop

Regular 1800 PLN / Early Bird 1700 PLN – 3 days in class

This Class Focuses Around Superficial Front Line / Superficial Back Line and Lateral Line balance. By going through different sequences of movements we are assessing ability of this structures to move in relation to each other. We are using movement to challenge this different gliding areas in a multi vectoral movement strategies. Creating a balance between front and back brings more access for spreading sides of a body with Lateral Line work that is created from many opposing vectors of movement that create a stability of this line. This 3 days is designed to prepare a body for exploration of a deeper restrictions that come after surface is released. It opens a breath and gives a chance for a deeper breath to come.

Zoga Movement Practice Level 2 Workshop

Regular 1800 PLN / Early Bird 1700 PLN – 3 days in class

This Class focuses on connection between upper and a lover girdles by Spiral and Functional Lines. In this section work will be focused around unwinding superficial restrictions around obliquely oriented fibers and are controllers of how surface moves in relation to inner line. After that preparation body is ready to move through deeper holdings in a deep front line that will be targeted with very precise movement sequences, relaxation and meditation exercises. Achieving a inner peace through deep and free breath is a goal to be achieved during this workshop.