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Marcin Siedlaczek

Marcin story begins in 2009 when He was graduated Msc PT and begin self education at many courses and conferences. He was expanding His knowledge unstoppable in many places around the Europe, working in clinics at Bydgoszcz and Żnin, teaching students in Copernicus University Toruń at Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz. 2015 He graduated specialization in physiotherapy. From the beginning He was questioned how the tension and restrictions in one place can influence on functions in another place.
This question lead Him to Anatomy Trains courses in 2013. He was permanently expanded His skills, experience and knowledge, all of that lead Him to highest level of understanding human biomechanic and kinezis. Year of experience in Manual and Movement Therapy teach Him how restrictions in one area of Patient body correlate and affect on another one.
Nowadays Marcin is a Anatomy Trains and Zoga Movement Teacher.
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