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Jäger Heike

Jäger Heike– studied biology and mathematics in Hannover and Osnabrück. She also did a PhD in microbiology on the analysis of the structure of membrane proteins in the ATP synthesis of E-coli bacteria. In 1996 she changed her interest in ion channel research at the Institute of Applied Physiology at the University of Ulm. Her post-doctoral work at the University of California focused on the search for molecular patterns of ion channel interactions that modulated initiation of cell migration. Since 2010, she has been associated with the Robert Schleip Fasica Reaserch Group in Ulm. In addition to electrophysiology and molecular biology research projects, he is also working on the characteristics of tissue elasticity at the Institute of Laser Technology in Medicine and Measurement Technologies at the University of Ulm in collaboration with the Faculty of Internal Medicine at Ulm Hospital and other Departments of the University of Ulm. In addition to his research, Heike organizes conferences and workshops on fascia research, tissue adhesions and fascial pain, as well as seminars for the medical profession. He is a frequent lecturer at German and world conferences. Its aim is to make new discoveries in the field of physiology research for the field of therapeutic work.

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