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Logging in allows access to video and sound recording, which are a form of consolidation of the Zoga Movement movement therapy and rehabilitation system, which is a comprehensive program of rehabilitation and movement recreation involving the use of targeted movement exercises and the introduction of manual interventions to change the spatial organization of the myofascial layers, bones, segments and cavities bodies in relation to each other, resulting in the release and correct structural integration, eliminating the dysfunctions of the locomotor system. The creator of the system is Wojciech Cackowski, who is entitled to exclusive rights to all personal and property copyrights to the above work, recorded in the form of recordings. The use of image and sound recording for purposes other than personal use is excluded. Copyright infringement, resulting in financial claims and liability for a prohibited act, includes, in particular, the reproduction, distribution and sharing of recordings in any form with third parties, including sharing login details.

The use of the therapy system should be individualized, adapted to the needs and limitations of the person undergoing therapy. The creator is not responsible for damage caused by people using the therapy system, in particular by people without proper professional training and instead of interventions requiring specialist medical care.

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