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    Training on-line | 06.05.2021

    Introduction to ZOGA MOVEMENT with Wojtek Cackowski

    The course is intended for: physiotherapists, masseurs, manual therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, doctors, movement teachers such as yoga, pilates, the Feldenkrais method, personal and sports trainers

    Class description:
    In this two hour webinar you will learn what Zoga is and what its basic principles are that are used to organise a human structure and function in a field of gravity. You will look into human biomechanics from the perspective of relative movement that is happening between certain myofascial layers of a body. In this short introduction to the Zoga Movement Method you will also experience how this movement can be used to shear certain layers against each other and achieve more freedom in movement and more ease in a static structure of the body. Please join us to see how Zoga can change your patterns, give you a better relationship to gravity and change the way you look at your clients.

    Class objectives:

    • Understanding the principles of the biomechanical relations between different areas in human body.
    • Introduction to the Zoga Movement concept and its basic rules and strategies.
    • Opportunity to experience & feel how you can influence structures in your body through the movement.


    • Introduction to the Zoga Movement concept.
    • Movement focused on balance of the upper body.
    • Class summary.

    Equipment needed:

    • Some space around you to practice the movement.
    • Yoga Mat.
    • Meditative Pillow, Yoga Block and belt.

    The student receives:

    • The right to participate in online class.
    • Access to class recording for later practice.
    • VAT invoice (by e-mail – after completion of online class).
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