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Zoga Multidimensional Movement

Zoga is a stretching and strengthening practice based on yoga asanas and Structural Integration principles. The human body is designed to have a full range of motion, and the assessments and therapies of Zoga are specifically designed to increase the gliding movement between myofascial layers of the body.


Practicing Zoga allows you to:

Zoga Movement Therapy Certification Program

For Manual Therapists / Physiotherapists Working Individually


Zoga Movement Therapy Certification Program

To Become a Certified Zoga Movement Therapist


This program is designed for therapists who want to work one-on-one with clients, as well as want to broaden their understanding and use of movement in a therapeutic process. In this Certification program, students will learn a 12-session therapeutic process that supports the goals of Structural Integration and gives clients an opportunity to understand themselves through movement while giving them the chance to take back their freedom of movement.



The Training Program starts with Zoga Movement Introduction (Step One)

It is followed by 3 Advanced Workshops (Step Two):

  1. Zoga Movement Therapy Advanced Part 1 – 3 days

„Feet, Legs, and Pelvis”

Price: 2100 PLN

Instructor: Wojtek Cackowski


During these 3 days, students will explore anatomy and the biomechanics of movement in the legs and the pelvis. This includes group movement, postural and functional analysis, manual guidance, and interventions. The training will address the most common postural patterns and give students tools to explore patterns that can influence function and ease of movement in this area of the body.

  1. Zoga Movement Therapy Advanced Part 2 – 3 days

„Abdomen, Chest and Spine”

Price: 2100 PLN

Instructor: Wojtek Cackowski


This part is designed to look into the very complex world of breath, emotions, viscera, and vascular systems. Through movement, awareness exercises, touch, and breath, students will dive into the world of life rhythms. They will learn effective interventions that influence the abilities of movement in our cavities and around the spine.

  1. Zoga Movement Therapy Advanced Part 3 – 3 days

„Shoulders, Arms, Head, and Neck”

Price: 2100 PLN

Instructor: Wojtek Cackowski

In this last part, students will take a close look at relationships in movement and function between the head, neck, and arms. Areas of focus will include C0,C1,C2,C3, C-T junction, scapular and clavicular position, arm, lower arm, and wrist to fingers range of movement.


Zoga Movement Therapy Certification Module (Step Three) – 28 days

Available in 2021

Instructor: Wojtek Cackowski


This program is organized into 3 blocks with 2 days off between each block.

During this Certification class, students will learn a 12-session strategy movement process with manual and touch-queuing interventions. There will be a teacher demonstration, student-to-student therapy, and outside model therapy. It will prepare practitioners to work with people of all ranges of mobility and all ages. This program will prepare you for a lifelong journey through self-exploration and constant challenges with the unwinding patterns of human structure and function. It will give participants tools to create individualized practices in one-on-one sessions and in group settings.

The whole program, following the prerequisites, takes 40 days in class training.

Zoga is a modality that is designed to support the Structural Integration process with more movement-oriented interventions that empower clients to succeed through the stages of change in a Structural Integration process. On its own, it can be a beneficial therapeutic process, but the best results are achieved when Zoga is combined with the Structural Integration process.

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