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Date: February 20 – March 1, 2024

Location: Thailand, Khao Sok National Park

We invite you to a unique 10-day retreat in Thailand, which is a full immersion in working with the body and mind. It’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity to break away from the daily routine and allow yourself to be fully immersed in practices that will bring you internal healing and renewal. It’s a journey where you are at the center, your own center. During this trip, you will learn to observe and listen to yourself, engage in conversations with your inner self, using your own body as a tool.

We will take you to a place where you will dedicate time to self-discovery, as well as meet new people who, like you, strive for a deeper understanding of their soul and take care of their temple of the body by giving it movement, rest, and attention. During your stay, your body will synchronize with the rhythm of the jungle and nature. We will wake up when the jungle wakes and fall asleep surrounded by lush greenery and a starry sky. Each day starts with meditation and greeting the sun, welcoming the new day with peace and joy. You can enjoy aromatic coffee or pure water and spend a moment on breathing, conversations, or being in nature.

Then it’s time for movement. Each day focused on a different area of the body, different movement competencies, and different goals towards full freedom and improving your relationship with gravity. The movement will be led by experienced instructors, whose number in the room will allow for taking care of every participant.

After an intense workout, a delicious breakfast awaits us. Each day you can choose from various options, including gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, or meat dishes. The choice is yours, and our exquisite cuisine will meet the highest expectations in preparing meals.

After breakfast, it’s time for reading, swimming, kayaking, sunbathing, talking, or silence. Nature surrounds us everywhere, just look around to observe the wild life that goes on around us.
You can arrange a session with one of our therapists and participate in a therapeutic session supervised and assisted by Wojtek Cackowski, who, along with his teachers, will work on your body, assisting you in the process of freeing your body in movement.

During lunchtime, the iceman often visits us, bringing delicious coconut ice cream 😋

After lunch and a short rest, we continue our Zoga Movement activities. Delicious dinners will also be available 🙂

For those interested, there is also the possibility of a jungle trek to a cave, led by experienced guides.

Highlights include:

  1. Intensive Work with Body and Mind: Professionally trained therapists will work with you on your body and mind, helping you discover deeper harmony and balance.
  2. Inner Retreat: You will discover inner peace and increased awareness through meditation sessions and Zoga Movement.
  3. Specially Prepared Meals: Our meals are carefully prepared to support your body and mind during intensive activities. You will experience the flavors of Thailand, famous for its exceptional dishes. Possibility to prepare meals taking into account diets, allergies, food intolerances.
  4. Classes and Excursions: Daily Zoga Movement and relaxation activities combined with field trips, allowing you to discover the beauty and culture of this region.
  5. Complete Relaxation: The retreat is also a time for regeneration and relaxation. You will discover how important it is to take care of your mind and body to achieve inner balance.

This is a unique opportunity to dedicate yourself to working with your body and mind, listen to yourself, and find deeper peace. Let these 10 days of retreat in the heart of Thailand become a
transformative experience that will charge you with energy and a new perspective.

Join us to fully immerse yourself in this exceptional inner journey.

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