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Grzegorz Srokowski

I’m a passionate physiotherapist who wants to make a difference. I’m specializing in functional and structural therapy. Though I have been working for over 20 years, my engagement and determination have not faded. I’m still developing, learning new therapy methods, working with patients many hours a week.

I am still searching for a new, safe and effective therapy and often question the flat, stiff approach to the profession. I have vast experience working with adults, adolescents and school children alike, who have experienced motor dysfunction resulting from injuries, and other illnesses, including the nervous and cardiovascular system impairment.

Being active by nature, I love sports and various sports activities: i.e. running, swimming, downhill and cross-country skiing. However, it is family that is the most important part of my life and I spend most of my free time with them.

As for my educational background, I completed my Master’s degree on 1997; Mental map of space in blind people.
The next stage was a PhD degree, so I gained the title of Doctor of Medical Sciences on 2005; Examination of the lower limbs in people with hip joint arthritis, in the assessment of the jointness of the joint, based on own research.

Professional aims: I want to develop my skills and explore new therapies that would facilitate my work with patients.

  • Anatomy Trains Structural Integration – Lou Benson, Kelly Chadwick, Wojciech Cackowski, Don Thompson
  • Structural Bodywork Certyfication Module – Wojciech Cackowski, Don Thompson
  • Fascial Release for Structural Balance – Wojciech Cackowski
  • Anatomy Trains – Wojciech Cackowski
  • Anatomy Trains in Motion – Karin Gurtner
  • Anatomy Trains – Walking the Lines – James Earls
  • Functional Myofascial Trening – Ari-Pekka Lindberg
  • Manual fascial assessment & treatment methods – Leon Chaitow
  • Breathing pattern disorder – Leon Chaitow
  • Terapia MDT McKenzie – Tomasz Stengert
  • Vojta dla dorosłych – Roland Wittl, Barbara Maurer-Burkhard, Grzegorz Serkies
  • Medycyna ortopedyczna wg. J. Cyriaxa współorganizowany przez ETGOM (European Teaching Group of Orthopedic Medicine) – Hans Vorselaars
  • Koncepcja PNF – Aleksander Lizak, Brigitte Mayer, Math Buck
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