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Zoga Movement Therapy Certification Module – 30 days

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Date: I: 09-13.01.2024, 15-19.01.2024 II: 05-09.02.2024, 12-16.02.2024 III: 11-15.03.2024, 18-22.03.2024


Wojciech Cackowski

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Course information

Zoga Movement Therapy Certification Module – 28 days

In this certification section, students will learn a 12-session process of movement strategy with manual interventions and tactile guidance. There will be a teacher presentation, own work between students and therapy with external models. He will teach participants to work with clients of various degrees of mobility and of all ages. This program will prepare you for a life journey through exploration and constant challenge with the evolving patterns of human structure and function. It will provide participants with the tools to create individualized programs in one-on-one sessions and in group therapy.

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