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Zoga Movement Practice

Zoga is a stretching and strengthening practice based on yoga asanas and Structural Integration principles. The human body is designed to have a full range of motion, and the assessments and therapies of Zoga are specifically designed to increase the gliding movement between myofascial layers of the body.


Practicing Zoga allows you to:

Zoga Movement Practice Certification Program

For Movement Specialists Working with Groups


Zoga Movement Practice Certification Program

To Become a Certified Zoga Movement Practitioner


This program is intended for movement professionals who work with groups. Students will learn all the principles of the Zoga Movement based on Structural Integration, yoga and directional gliding of fascial layers. They will learn how to run a 12-week program that will guide the group through a self exploration journey that will help them achieve a better relation to gravity in posture and movement. The goal of this 12-week program is to help people reorganize their biotensegrity system, but also to find better connections with themselves and their own bodies.

The certification Program consists of 3 steps: 1. Zoga Movement Introduction (Step One), 2. Zoga Movement Practice Advanced (Step Two) and 3. Zoga Movement Practice Certification Module (Step Tree).




Following participation in the Zoga Movement Introduction course (Step One), the next step is a 6-day training focused on learning about Local understanding and Global interventions.


Zoga Movement Practice Advanced (Step Two) – 6 days

Price: 3900 PLN

Instructor: Wojtek Cackowski


This program focuses on understanding the 6 areas of the body. Each day will be focused on a different area. We will start by learning about movement and gaining a spatial understanding of relative Anatomy for the whole body. Starting from the feet, we will explore the movement possibilities between each segment of the body, ending with balancing movements for the head and neck. Students will also learn how to observe areas that need movement intervention and how to achieve changes in these areas in a classroom situation. We will explore the most common postural and movement patterns, and then create strategies to influence them.


Zoga Movement Practice Certification Module (Step Three) – 15 days

Available in 2021


Instructor: Wojtek Cackowski



This 15-day module will be focused on creating group programs based on 12 sessions about sequencing strategy. It will teach you how to help your students achieve certain progressions in their movement and structural organization. It will also give you the ability to lead a class for people of every age and flexibility.

To become Zoga Movement Certified Practitioner, you will need to successfully finish a certification class, participating in 15 study days in the following way:

5 days in class & 2 days off

5 days in class & 1 day off

5 days in class

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