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Zoga Movement Therapy

Certification In Zoga Movement Practice to Become Zoga Movement Certified Practitioner

12 lessons learning process – Regular 15 000 PLN / 4000 USD

This 15 day module will be focused on creating a group programs based on 12 session sequencing strategy. It teaches how to help your students to achieve certain progressions in their movement and structural organisation. It will give a practitioner ability to lead a class for people in every age and flexibility.
To become Zoga Movement Certified Practitioner ZMCP you need to successfully finish a certification class.
It`s done in 15 study days. It is organised in 5 days in class 2 days off 5 days in class one day off and 5 days in class.

Zoga Therapy Certification Program


3 possibilities to enter Zoga Therapy Training:

1. Movement Teacher/Instructor – Prerequisite to attend a Zoga Practice Certification, Anatomy Trains Structure and Function workshop with ATSI School,
2. Manual Therapist with at least two years of experience needs to attend ATSF workshop to attend Zoga Therapy Training
3. Structural Integration Practitioner can enter training without any other prerequisites.

Training Program

After Zoga Movement Intro Workshop there are 3 local workshops:

Certification program in 28 days,

It is organised in 3 bloks with 2 days off between each of 3 blocks.

During this Certification class students will learn a 12 session strategy movement process with a manual and touch quing interventions.There will be a teacher demonstration, student to student therapy and outside model therapy process. It will prepare practitioners to work with people with all range of mobility and all possible age. This program will prepare you for a lifelong journey through self exploration and constant challenge with unwinding patterns of a human structure and function.

All Program after prerequisites takes 40 days in class training.

Zoga Is a Modality that is designed to support Structural Integration process with more movement oriented interventions that are empowering a client in achieving another stages of change in a structural Integration process. It can be stand by itself therapeutic process but it gives best results with combination of structural integration process.


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